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A Salary Advance is a short-term loan advanced to a salaried customer depending on the company's profile of them, to help them meet their emergency need. Repayment period for this loan is up to 30 days.


Access upto 1/3 of your salary, at a max. of KES 50,000.

Security Free

No security deposit is required to take up this loan.

Quick Processing

Get your loan processed in the shortest time possible.


The product is formalized by a memorandum of understanding between us the company in question.

This will entail as below:

  • An employee is entitled to 1/3 of their net salary for a
    period of 1 month.

  • Employee should be a permanent staff.


Our Salary Advance Loans’ requirements include:

  • Latest four (6) months’ bank statement.

  • Latest three (3) months’ payslips

  • Copies of ID & PIN of the borrower (Original ID to be presented for verification).

  • Letter from employees' company of employment.

Employee Advantages.

  • Limited or no access to bank loans.

  • Low limits from other digital lenders.

Employers Advantages.

  • Low staff motivation, stress possiby due to financial strain.

  • Working capital locked in salary advance.



For Employee.

  • Easy access to salary advance.

  • Affordable fee of 10% per month flat rate.

  • Quick convenient processing & direct disbursement.

  • No collateral requirements.

For Employers.

  • Improved staff motivation, productivity and loyalty.

  • Release cash tied up in staff salary advances for use.

Success Story

See our success story on our salary advance product.

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