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Our Brand and Service promise. #Smart Way, Better Living.

STAWIKA- Swahili for “PROSPER”.

Stawika is a kenyan digital lender, that automatically evaluates mobile financial history against conventional data as well as social capital to assign credit.

We offer credit facilities to Kenyans seeking emergency funds and those without access to formal financial services.

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Access to credit remains a major constraint to the growth and development of small and micro enterprises (SMEs) including the poor rural and urban households. Owing to the constraints imposed by formal lenders such as collateral, high interest rates and tedious periods of processing.

sign Raphael Kimeu Founder

At Stawika,
we enable;

  • Individual borrowers access loans given the convenience and flexibility of the mobile phone.
  • Consumers without access to formal banking access credit, enable them build credit capital.
  • Enterprise owners access credit, while offering guidance on money management.

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Get our application from the Google play store, If you cannot access it from the playstore download it directly from here.

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