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Finds here answers from the Stawika Team. So we have to find the immersive experience to make that happen. If that’s you, ok it's awesome. Come join us on this increidible and long journey.

General questions

  • Who is eligible for a loan?

    Anyone above the age of 18 with an android phone, an M-Pesa account and a good credit rating with the CRB.

  • How do I apply for a loan?
  • How do I register for Stawika?
    • 1.

      Go to our web application link:

    • 2.

      Incase you see a pop-up with terms and conditions, scroll down the pop-up and accept the Terms and Conditions.

    • 3.

      Click on the Sign Up button.

    • 4.

      Fill in all your details and Sign up.

    • 5.

      Once the sign up process is complete. Share your 6 months statement to Stawika.

    • 6.

      Incase you do not know how to share your statement with Stawika please see below.

  • How do I share my statement with Stawika?
    • 1.

      Please dial *234# on your phone.

    • 2.

      Select option 5 for MPESA Information.

    • 3.

      Select option 1 for M-PESA Statement.

    • 4.

      Select option 1 for Request Statement (This option is different with some phones).

    • 5.

      Select option 1 for Full Statement.

    • 6.

      Select option 4 for Last 6 Months.

    • 7.

      Select option 1 for Enter new email address.

    • 7.1.

      (This option is different with users who have requested statements before)

    • 8.

      Enter your email address where the statement will be sent.

    • 8.1.

      This is preferably your email address.

    • 9.

      Re-enter your email address.

    • 10.

      Enter your MPESA PIN

    • 11.

      Share your statement to Stawika's email address.

    • 11.1.

      Email is:

    • 11.2.

      Also send code sent by Safaricom.

    • 11.3.

      This is for opening the statement.

    • 12.

      Wait for feedback from Stawika.

  • How do I repay my loan?
    • 1.

      Go to the Safaricom SIM toolkit and select M-Pesa.

    • 2.

      Select Lipa na M-Pesa.

    • 3.

      Select Paybill.

    • 4.

      Enter the Stawika business number(830685).

    • 5.

      For Account no:Enter your mobile no. (e.g 0722xxxxxx).Note: The one you used to borrow.

    • 6.

      Enter the amount you wish to pay.

    • 7.

      Enter your M-Pesa pin.

    • 8.

      Confirm the details.

Financial issues

Technological issues

  • What is PIN number during registration?

    This is any secret number that you will be using to open Stawika once you are registered. Set something you can easily remember but other people cannot. Please note that this not your phone’s personal PIN number or your KRA PIN number.

Request support.

Use the information below to get back to us incase you have any questions.

Contacts page
  • Address

    11537 - 00100

  • Location

    Nairobi, Kenya

  • Phone

    020 760 6556, 020 760 6564

  • Email

  • Support email